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Health Chapter 4

  1. 2. the ______ in your body are made up of a fixed group of fibers
  2. 6. exercises that use short bursts of energy
  3. 9. prepping your muscles for activity is called a ________
  4. 11. ______ fitness measures the condition of your heart
  5. 14. starting with little and adding to it regularly as you improve
  6. 16. after a demanding activity you may experience physical _________
  7. 18. muscle contraction against a fixed resistance
  8. 19. a term used for those who want to vary their exercise routine (2 words)
  9. 20. an _______ records the electrical impulses set off by the heart (abbreviation)
  10. 23. In an exercise program this is the "what should I do"
  11. 24. In an exercise program this is "how can I stay motivated"
  12. 26. muscle contraction but no movement involved
  13. 28. In an exercise program this is "how often should I work out"
  14. 30. an _______ aid is something that improves physical performance, some are legal, some are not
  15. 31. your ______ pressure is the measure of the resistance to blood flow in the vessels
  16. 32. when your muscles demand more oxygen than normal
  17. 34. to gradually do more than normal to improve your performance
  18. 36. ______ sports are those activities that you can participate in throughout your life
  1. 1. the importance of ________ of the muscles, tendons, and joints is often overlooked
  2. 3. the volume of blood the heart pumps at each stroke (2 words)
  3. 4. In an exercise program this is "how long should I work out"
  4. 5. you should keep an exercise and food ______ to help keep you motivated
  5. 7. for the immediate treatment of injuries you should follow this acronym
  6. 8. In an exercise program this is "how long will I keep up my program"
  7. 10. this stage of sleep is characterized by rapid eye movements
  8. 11. the volume of blood pumped by the heart in one minute (2 words)
  9. 12. the inability to go to sleep
  10. 13. the principle of exercise that you must do specific kinds of exercise to develop certain parts of the body
  11. 15. the ability of the whole body to work together to the highest level possible
  12. 17. combination of isometric and isotonic
  13. 21. before starting a sport or exercise program you should first go to your doctor for a
  14. 22. _____ sports are often difficult to continue because you need to find a league you can join
  15. 25. In an exercise program this is another word for "how hard should I work"
  16. 27. tension, fear, and boredom can give you ______ fatigue
  17. 29. _______ goals are goals that you set for yourself personally
  18. 32. when a long period of time goes between workouts you may experience ____
  19. 33. the body's natural state of rest
  20. 35. As fitness level increases your ______ pulse rate decreases