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Health Crossword

  1. 3. literacy the skill of being able to recognize and evaluate the influence of messages in media.
  2. 4. advocate group educates the public about a specific health condition.
  3. 6. quality of life.
  4. 7. behaviors behaviors that promote health, prevent injury, and premature death, and improve the quality of life.
  5. 9. the arts, beliefs, and customs that make up a way of life for a group of people at a certain time.
  6. 11. provider a trained licensed professional who performs services that help people maintain or restore health status.
  7. 12. an adverisement on TV or radio.
  8. 13. skills skills that help a person share feelings, thoughts, and inforamtion with others.
  9. 14. expresses your feelings or thoughts on a subject
  10. 17. factor something that increases the odds of a positive outcome.
  11. 19. communication the use of actions or body language to express emotionsand thoughts.
  12. 20. a paid announcement about a product or service.
  13. 21. concept a general idea formed from an understanding of health knowledge.
  14. 24. facility a place where people receive health care.
  15. 25. skills method a person can use to say no to an action or situation
  16. 26. advocate a person who influences the health behavior and decisions of others and advances in certain health related beliefs and concerns.
  17. 31. a form selling products and services.
  18. 32. the quality of life that results from a person's health status.
  19. 34. are fixed behaviors that you use automatically.
  1. 1. behavior contract a written plan that a person makes in which they agree to develop the habit of practicing a specific healthful behavior.
  2. 2. factor something that increases the odds of a negative outcome.
  3. 4. product something that is made specifically to maintain or restore health.
  4. 5. service the work performed by a health-care provider.
  5. 6. a self-directed learning, critical thinking, and responsible citizenship.
  6. 8. staement that blames or shames another person
  7. 10. the various forms of mass communication.
  8. 15. a serious situation that occurs without warning and calls for quick action.
  9. 16. risk a chance that, after weighing all the possible outcomes, you decide is not worth it.
  10. 18. wellness scale a scale that shows the range in quality of life.
  11. 22. risk a chance that a person takes after carefully considering all possible outcomes.
  12. 23. media takes the form of using high tech equipment to communicate.
  13. 27. event an incident over which a person has little or no control.
  14. 28. a chance that has an unknown outcome.
  15. 29. the way you act or choose to act in a situation.
  16. 30. health record, documentation of a person's health, health care, and health-care providers.
  17. 33. behavior behaviors that threaten health.