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Health Data Recap

  1. 3. Electronic Health Record
  2. 4. Any data that relates to a medical intervention
  3. 7. A document that shares all data of a study
  4. 10. The main goal you try to achieve during a study
  5. 12. When the exposure to the intervention or comparator is defined by luck
  6. 13. when under currently available medical interventions healthcare can not be produced optimally
  7. 16. A definition or summary of the product we aim to create
  8. 17. A structure for claims
  9. 18. A brief summary of a study
  10. 19. A measurement of the condition of a patient
  11. 21. the performance of a medical intervention under ideal and controlled circumstances
  12. 22. When after sampling data is collected looking backwards
  13. 23. any person or organization that can benefit from a medical intervention
  14. 24. The cornerstone of all health data
  15. 25. Physician Reported Outcomes also patient reported outcomes
  16. 26. When 2 groups with different outcomes are compared to understand what drives the differences in terms of outcomes
  1. 1. The highest class of evidence
  2. 2. The weakest class of evidence
  3. 5. When as a company we bring a solution to an unmet medical need
  4. 6. When only the research knows who gets the actual intervention
  5. 8. any statement we make about our company, brand, or products across any channel
  6. 9. When data has been powered to support claims
  7. 11. Data that is collected during the routine use of medical interventions
  8. 14. an exact, detailed testable statement of what the researcher(s) predict will be the outcome of the study
  9. 15. the performance of a medical intervention versus the effort required to perform it
  10. 20. an internal detailed review of all available evidence
  11. 21. the performance of a medical intervention under 'real-world' conditions