Health & Wellness

  1. 4. disagreement or argument that occurs due to misunderstanding or differing priorities, values, goals, or needs.
  2. 8. Fraud illegal activity related to health products and services.
  3. 11. identifying ones state of health and taking steps to improve it.
  4. 12. Communication, clearly stating needs, wants, and feelings.
  5. 14. clearly states what you want to accomplish.
  6. 16. the blueprint for the structure and function of your cells.
  7. 18. strategy for resolving difficult conflicts through neutral third party.
  8. 19. constructive responses to a message.
  9. 20. Health, how well you get along with others.
  1. 1. Health, how your body functions.
  2. 2. Health, the state of excellent physical, mental, emotional, and social health.
  3. 3. desert, an area without nearby full service grocery stores.
  4. 5. anyone who purchases goods and services.
  5. 6. person's ability to function positively and overall satisfaction that life's present conditions are good.
  6. 7. Health, aspects of peoples' lives that reduce risk and increase the likelihood of optimal health.
  7. 9. Factors, aspects of peoples' lives that increase the chances of a disease injury, or disorder or a decline in health.
  8. 10. Health, How you observe and interpret information.
  9. 13. state of complete physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being.
  10. 15. exchange of spoken or unspoken messages between people.
  11. 17. Health, how you express yourself and your thoughts/feelings.