1. 3. Painfully, sensitive, it can be _______throat
  2. 4. A piece of material that you tie around a wound and injured part of your body
  3. 6. To force air up through your throat with a sudden noise, especially when you have a cold
  4. 8. A person whose job is to look after sick or injured people
  5. 11. A shop where medicines are prepared and sold
  6. 14. A room in a hospital where patients are look after
  7. 15. A purple or brown mark on your skin after hitting
  8. 17. It happens when someone puts a medicine into your body using a needle
  9. 18. A person who prepares and sells medicines
  10. 19. To be injured by fire or heat
  11. 21. A fatty or oily substance applied to the skin to heal or protect
  12. 23. A piece of paper that a doctor gives you that says what type of medicine you should have
  13. 24. An injury to part of your body, especially a cut
  14. 25. The kind of disease or illness spreads from one person to another through touch or through the air
  15. 26. It can be an ____ policy protecting or safeguarding against risk or injury
  16. 27. A system in the UK that provides free medical care and is paid for through taxes; National Health Service
  17. 29. A drug used to make someone sleepy or calm
  18. 30. A characteristic sign that someone has an illness
  1. 1. A feeling of sickness in the stomach
  2. 2. It often happens when you have a cold and blocked nose
  3. 5. An illness of the body in humans, animals or plants, often caused by infection
  4. 7. A pain in your head
  5. 9. A condition of the body when it is too hot because of illness
  6. 10. It is an injection to prevent a person or an animal from getting a disease
  7. 12. Pills, liquids that you take in order to treat an illness; also the science of preventing and treating illness
  8. 13. A break or crack in a bone
  9. 16. Causing pain; hurting
  10. 20. Similar to sleep when you do not see, feel, or think,, usually as a result of an accident or injury
  11. 22. A very common infectious disease that lasts a short time and makes you feel hot or cold, weak, and tired
  12. 28. To lose blood, especially because of an injury