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  1. 2. who is one person that influences your self-esteem
  2. 4. emotional sign of stress
  3. 6. anything that causes stress
  4. 8. who can diagnose a mental illness
  5. 10. what does the M stand for in the smart goal model
  6. 13. who is most likely to get a mental illness
  7. 15. how you feel about yourself
  8. 16. message, when your words say one thing but your body or tone says another
  9. 18. what is one body stress management
  10. 19. verbal, what is one way of communication
  11. 21. the exchange of thoughts feeling or beliefs between two or more people
  12. 25. decision, easy, no major, impact, very little thought
  13. 26. what is one teen stressor
  14. 27. what is one mind stress management
  15. 29. faster, what is a physical sign of stress
  1. 1. messages, taking responsibility of your feeling
  2. 3. what does S stand for in the smart goal model
  3. 5. factors, conditions that help people deal more effectively with stressful situation
  4. 7. the body's response to physical mental of emotional tension
  5. 9. what is one roadblock to communication
  6. 11. the way you view yourself
  7. 12. attention, what is one way of being an effective communicator
  8. 14. what is one of the roadblocks of communication
  9. 17. making, process of making a choice
  10. 20. what is one of listening
  11. 22. decision, harder, takes a long time, greater impact
  12. 23. factors, conditions that decrease the likelihood that people will deal with stress effectively
  13. 24. setting, the process of working towards something you want to accomplish
  14. 28. what is one of the types of communication