1. 2. an extremely dry area that supports few plants or animals
  2. 5. the movement of weathered rock by wind, glaciers, and moving water
  3. 7. a dry grassland that has warm summers and harsh cold winters
  4. 11. virtually all maps have some sort of this
  5. 12. the Soviets promoted this set of beliefs
  6. 14. what we call the United States
  7. 15. the Egyptians made these
  8. 16. the part of Earth where life exists
  9. 19. to adapt plants and animals from the wild for human use
  10. 21. rotation of water from ocean to air to ground and back to the ocean
  11. 27. a group or chain of islands
  12. 28. the characteristic pattern of weather in an area over a long period of time
  13. 31. the main river system in the USA
  14. 33. the event where the Germans killed over 6 million Jews in WWII
  15. 35. on a map to indicate distance
  16. 37. where civilizations started
  17. 38. introduces the concept of democracy
  18. 39. where the Renaissance started
  19. 40. name of the mountain range along the west coast of South America
  1. 1. this type of government divides power between the national and state level
  2. 3. a type of map that shows boundaries of countries or states
  3. 4. got control of Germany after WWI and was the main bad guy of WWll
  4. 6. an area of lush vegetation in a desert created by an underground spring
  5. 8. this is 0 degrees latitude
  6. 9. borrower gives up rights to a property due to inability to repay the loan
  7. 10. this layer of gases that surrounds the Earth
  8. 13. elevation above which it is too cold for trees to grow
  9. 17. flat landscape east of the Rockies
  10. 18. location identification of one place by referring to another place
  11. 20. repayment for war damages
  12. 22. belief in one God
  13. 23. the series of Holy Wars
  14. 24. Mexico is the world's leading producer of this mineral
  15. 25. shows for detail than a globe
  16. 26. a member of wandering pastoral people
  17. 29. in Islam a house of worship
  18. 30. a community lying on the fringes of a metropolitan area
  19. 32. natural mineral containing chemical compounds often used in fertilizers
  20. 34. an extremely dry area that supports few plants or animals
  21. 36. person believed to be a messenger from God