1. 1. A proposed law
  2. 8. Powers listed in the Constitution as belonging to the federal government.
  3. 9. one of the three branches of government
  4. 10. one of the three branches of government
  5. 13. Authority of the People
  6. 15. basic structure
  7. 19. one of the seven main sections of the Constitution that describe the structure
  8. 20. To bring formal charges against a federal official
  9. 21. Political system in which power is divided between the national and state governments
  10. 22. To obey the law, pay taxes, serve on jury duty and vote are your
  11. 23. Changes to the Constitution
  12. 24. Powers shared by the state and federal governments
  1. 2. Powers not specifically listed in the Constitution but claimed by the federal government
  2. 3. these are basic freedoms, protections from unfair actions and equal treatment.
  3. 4. The process by which the Supreme Court has the final authority to interpret the Constitution
  4. 5. process Government must follow procedures established by law and guaranteed by the Constitution.
  5. 6. A group of advisors to the president
  6. 7. The total income produced from a given source
  7. 11. Government principle in which power is divided among the different branches
  8. 12. the introduction to important documents such as the declaration of independence and the US Constitution.
  9. 14. Open and quick to take action
  10. 16. Powers retained by the states
  11. 17. these include freedom of speech, to assemble, and to religion
  12. 18. one of the three branches of government