1. 2. plains they are a vast high plateau of semiarid grasslands and their altitude is between 5,000 and 6,000
  2. 5. a series of mountains
  3. 7. the low area between mountains like the Rio Grande Valley
  4. 8. a waterway made by man for irrigation and easier transportation like the Suez Canal
  5. 9. a raised mound of land
  6. 11. a hill of sand
  7. 12. a ring of coral that makes an island
  8. 16. a person who moves place to place
  9. 17. a valley that is deep and has steep sides
  10. 19. a small body of water surrounded by land
  11. 20. to control or be majority of
  12. 21. an area that is unified by one or more characteristics
  13. 22. a tableland that is fairly flat
  14. 24. a large mass land an example Africa
  15. 26. plains it is the largest region in Texas and it extends from Eastern and southern parts of the United States into Texas and South into Mexico
  16. 29. a narrow body of water that connects two large bodies of water
  17. 31. a large flat area with grasses and a few trees
  18. 33. a large body of water that flows
  19. 34. a sunken area in plateau found between mountain ranges
  20. 36. an area of ocean partially surrounded by land
  1. 1. water falling from a height, usually from a cliff or the side of a mountain
  2. 2. a large mass of ice that moves slowly
  3. 3. a large body of water surrounded by land
  4. 4. a flat treeless area, where the soil is frozen
  5. 6. flat areas of land
  6. 7. a mountain with a vent where lava, steam and ash come out sometimes violently
  7. 8. a steep rock face often found by the ocean
  8. 10. existing in a high degree like strong or extreme
  9. 13. a very tall landform for example the Mt. Everest in the Himalayas
  10. 14. and basin a very dry place and has the River Grande close by
  11. 15. a very large body of salt water an example is the Atlantic Ocean
  12. 18. an area at the mouth of the river formed and sparse vegetation
  13. 21. a growth of coral under the sea and near the surface
  14. 23. a river that flows into a larger river
  15. 25. a wetland near lakes and streams
  16. 27. a mix of sun-dried earth and straw used to build houses
  17. 28. a person believed to have the power to summon spirits and heal the sick
  18. 30. an area of land surrounded on three sides of water like Italy
  19. 32. shelf, a platform of ice floating near the coast
  20. 35. a freshwater wetland with muddy land