1. 5. Someone disloyal to their own people or cause
  2. 8. Colonies with a governor and council appointed by the king
  3. 12. People who disagreed with beliefs of Church of England
  4. 13. Person responsible for a colony
  5. 16. Document that established a General Assembly of representatives from many towns
  6. 18. Written grant detailing rights and privileges
  7. 19. A material found in nature used to sustain society or exploited for economic gain
  8. 20. Person under contract to work with no pay in exchange for passage to colonies
  9. 21. Sent away from the colony
  10. 22. People who created their own congregations outside the Church of England
  1. 1. An agreement to not take sides in future wars
  2. 2. Agreements
  3. 3. Small rivers that flow into larger bodies of water
  4. 4. A principle or policy accepted by a group
  5. 6. Pilgrims agreement laying out a plan for governing a new colony
  6. 7. Company whose shareholders own stock in the company
  7. 9. Control of the colony based on the democratic principle of common consent
  8. 10. Attacks by Wampanoag leader Metacom and his troops that destroyedNew England towns and caused deaths of around 600 colonists and thousands of Native Americans
  9. 11. Required to pay taxes
  10. 14. An agreement among several groups to protect and support one another in battle or other endeavors
  11. 15. The production, distribution and consumption of goods and services
  12. 17. Substances used to make products