1. 1. young women known for their social freedom that were first seen i
  2. 6. change to stop something repeating
  3. 7. street crash- the stocks at the wall street stock market plummeted down
  4. 11. a member of a gang
  5. 12. a system of social organization where all property is owned by the state
  6. 13. underground bars selling illegal alcohol during prohibition in 1920s America
  7. 17. production on a large scale typically on a production line
  8. 18. people moving from one country to another
  9. 20. agencies – the name givin to Roosevelts agencies to help stop the great depression
  10. 24. getting involved in foreign affairs used by America in 1910s-20s
  11. 25. purchase- a purchase made with the intent of paying it back over time
  1. 2. The banning of alcohol sales creation or transportation
  2. 3. illegal creation or transportation of alcohol
  3. 4. deal- the deal that Roosevelt brought to American to help with the great depression
  4. 5. giving money to help with debt
  5. 8. depression- the economic depression of the 1920s
  6. 9. the prime this is what hoover was said to be doing when he was giving money to private investors and businesses
  7. 10. a style of music that originally comes from African Americans and was popularised in 1920s America
  8. 14. the belief and practice that everyone should be separated based on the colour of there skin
  9. 15. illegal homemade alcohol
  10. 16. bowl- the name for the severe dust storm on the southern plains
  11. 19. kkk- the kkk or ku klux klan are a racisit group that try to promote white supremacy
  12. 21. massive growth in a certain places’ economy
  13. 22. Faire- The belief in giving economic freedom to businesses
  14. 23. -taxes that are placed on foreign exports