History Of Disney

  1. 2. What state is Disney World located in?
  2. 4. What state did Walt Disney grow up in?
  3. 8. What was the name of the first major short film featuring Mickey Mouse?
  4. 10. What is the name of the amusement park Walt first opened in the 50’s?
  5. 14. How many oscars did “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” obtain?
  6. 15. What word are Disney theme park characters forbidden from using?
  7. 16. Where are the Disney headquarters located today?
  8. 18. Disney World resort is about the same size as what city in California?
  9. 20. What character was Walt speaking about when he said, “...we decided not to let him talk. It wasn't that he couldn't talk, just that he'd never tried.”?
  10. 22. What was the name of the first of Walt Disney's cartoon characters?
  11. 26. What was the name of the first distributor the Disney Brothers Studio made a deal with? (Who later ended up stealing from them).
  12. 28. What organization did Walt join after dropping out of high school and being rejected from the army?
  13. 31. What real life model were Disney princesses Ariel and Belle based off of?
  14. 33. What was the name of the first cartoon mickey mouse appeared in?
  15. 36. What is the name of the most recent Disney movie?
  16. 38. What is the name of Walt Disney’s wife?
  17. 39. What movie, created by Walt Disney, was inspired by him playing the lead role in a school play?
  1. 1. What is “Yen Sid” (the name of the sorcerer in Fantasia) spelled backwards?
  2. 3. Who is the CEO of Disney today?
  3. 5. What future president joined Walt Disney to host a live telecast of Disneyland's opening day?
  4. 6. What patent did Walt Disney own for a couple of years making him the only animator able to make color cartoons?
  5. 7. What was the name of the last major success that Walt produced himself, combining live action and animation?
  6. 9. What was the name of Disney's brother who he set up the “Disney Brother’s Studio” with?
  7. 11. What is the name of the princess in the first major Disney movie?
  8. 12. Who was the voice behind the famous Mickey Mouse?
  9. 13. What country was Walt Disney sent to during WW1, after he joined the Red Cross?
  10. 17. What is the name of the superhero based subsidiary within Disney corporation?
  11. 19. What was the name of the first of Disney’s cartoons to be produced in color?
  12. 21. Fill in Disney’s quote “All our dreams can come true, if we have the _____ to pursue them”?
  13. 23. What character was named after Walt Disney himself?
  14. 24. Who drew the 1953 plans of Disneyland for Walt Disney?
  15. 25. What job did Walt have growing up?
  16. 27. What is the name of the first person disney employed?
  17. 29. How many Disney princesses are there?
  18. 30. What major actor/comedian used to work in the magic shop at disneyland?
  19. 32. What month was Walt Disney born?
  20. 34. What is the name of the high school Walt attended before dropping out at age 16?
  21. 35. What did Walt consider America's most important export?
  22. 37. Where was this distributor from?
  23. 40. What is Walt Disney’s middle name?