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  1. 3. Landowning nobles who struggle to become powerful
  2. 4. Taxes on imports
  3. 6. New capital of Russia
  4. 8. The idea that monarchs are God's representatives on earth and therefore only answer to him
  5. 9. This King gave up Protestantism and converted to Catholicism for political reasons (choose winning team-Catholics)
  6. 13. French Protestants
  7. 14. The theory that nations are independent
  8. 16. He visited the west and began Westernization
  9. 20. The bloodless overthrow of King James II
  10. 23. This period is known as the monarchy being restored
  11. 24. This general publicly executed the king, and dissolved Parliament
  12. 26. He signed the Petition of Rights because Parliament didn't provide funds
  13. 27. The minister of France who believed in the theory of mercantilism
  1. 1. Nothing can ever be known for certain; doubt old ideas
  2. 2. A monarch could not put someone in jail simply for opposing the ruler
  3. 5. During this period, Ivan murdered boyars, their families, and peasants in their land
  4. 7. Thus war was between Catholics and Protestants and began when Ferdinand II closed Protestant churches
  5. 10. The first Russian ruler to crown himself czar
  6. 11. East copying the West
  7. 12. The monarchy is granted limited power
  8. 15. A Russian emperor (from the Roman title Caesar)
  9. 17. To buy product from other countries
  10. 18. This Cardinal sided with the Protestants during the Thirty Years War because he did not want Ferdinand to challenge the French King
  11. 19. These two people signed the Bill of Rights
  12. 21. This edict allowed the Huguenots to live in France and have houses of worship
  13. 22. This type of monarchy has unlimited power
  14. 25. To sell product your country made to other countries