1. 7. an anarchist who tried to assassinate Frick but failed
  2. 12. What was the process of burning the impurities out of iron?
  3. 14. track laid westward starting in omaha
  4. 16. have control of the many different businesses that make up all phases of a products development
  5. 17. He was the leader of the American Railway Union
  6. 22. america's greatest inventor
  7. 23. When something happens once it is more likely to happen again the same way
  8. 26. the railroad company laid tracks eastward from Sacramento
  9. 28. what is the golden spike and place that the 2 sides of the railroad connected
  10. 29. government ownership of businesses and the equal distribution of wealth
  11. 30. a way of getting around anti monopoly laws, businesses were controlled but not owned by one company
  12. 32. this was something that was different in every city, and was later changed so trains would arrive at stations at the right time
  1. 1. This is a person willing to work when everyone else is on strike
  2. 2. summer of 1892 when wages were cut people had a strike called..
  3. 3. A major strike that was on May 1, 1886, workers went on strike in support of the eight hour work day
  4. 4. invented the talking telegram in 1876 called the telephone
  5. 5. when company drops prices to get all businesses out of business, as soon as everyone was out of business they would rise prices
  6. 6. what was a sign that America was successful?
  7. 8. name of the union of labor that only allowed skilled workers in
  8. 9. this was the positive side of industrialists, they were praised for creating job and helping the economy grow
  9. 10. when a worker is trained to do one step of the production and then the product moves to someone else
  10. 11. this is a private police force
  11. 13. this strike 260000 railroad workers went on strike
  12. 15. someone who hates the government
  13. 18. this means government did not interfere
  14. 19. This was the bad thing the industrialist were called they were known to treating their workers in a cruel way
  15. 20. loose association of businesses who produce the same product
  16. 21. him an his partner henry frick cut peoples wages at their steel company
  17. 24. when a company is in complete control of a product or service
  18. 25. when a bunch of rich people get together and find a way to get rich together
  19. 27. This group of people did most of the work in the east
  20. 31. what workers did the back breaking work for the railroads