1. 2. Branch The branch of government that includes the courts that settle disputes and questions of the law
  2. 8. Known for the separation of powers. English philosopher of the enlightenment.
  3. 9. Sharings power between federal and state governments
  4. 10. Branch Law making branch of government
  5. 13. A government in which citizens rule through elected representatives
  6. 14. Having the proper size in relation to other objects or items
  7. 15. A period when economic activity slows and unemployment increases
  8. 16. Shays Formal continental army captain who forced courts in the western part of the state close. Leader of the rebellion of farmers.
  9. 17. To fall in value
  10. 19. Branch Branch of government that executes, carries out laws, the law; headed by president
  11. 21. and Balances A system by which each brand of government limits power of other branches
  1. 1. Law.
  2. 3. People who opposed the constitution
  3. 4. The freeing of individual enslaved persons
  4. 5. Having two separate lawmaking chambers
  5. 6. A settlement of a dispute by each party giving up some demands
  6. 7. A change, correction, or improvement added to a document
  7. 11. Supported the constitution
  8. 12. Locke Influenced many framers of the constitution. English philosopher of the enlightenment
  9. 18. College Special group chosen to vote for the president and vice president
  10. 20. Magna Carta Placed limits on the power of the monarch.