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  1. 1. A military victory
  2. 3. When people leave their country to go live in another country
  3. 5. A condition when people are owned by other people and get no money
  4. 6. A piece of writing that gives information about the past
  5. 10. A list or description of events in the order in which they happen
  6. 11. A highly developed society with central organization
  7. 13. The arrival of people from another country who plan to settle permanently in the new country
  8. 15. A desire by people who have a common background to have their own independent country
  9. 16. A government run by a king
  10. 20. A disease that spreads quickly among many people
  11. 21. A series of people from one family who rule a country
  12. 22. A place where something is, was, or happened
  13. 23. To fight against the government or other power
  14. 25. The time period when a king or queen rules a country
  1. 2. The careful technique that archaeologists use to dig a site
  2. 4. When countries that have been apart come together again
  3. 7. A fear or dislike of foreigners
  4. 8. Many-sided or involving many countries
  5. 9. A time period with certain characteristics
  6. 12. Ancient history, especially referring to Greek and Roman times
  7. 14. The outer edge of land exploration
  8. 17. Refers to the previous 100 years
  9. 18. Ten years
  10. 19. The study of past events
  11. 24. An agreement or accord between nations