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  1. 3. the belief that race determines traits and capabilities
  2. 5. incorporated a country within a state
  3. 6. explored the Congo River in Central America in the 1870s
  4. 8. the leader of a movement for independence in the Philippines
  5. 10. opened in 1914 and was one of the world's greatest engineering feats of its time
  6. 11. a governor who ruled as a representative of a monarch
  7. 13. extension of a nation's power over other lands
  8. 15. Spanish and Portuguese who resided temporarily in Latin America for political or economic gain and then returned to their homeland
  9. 16. defeated the Spanish fleet in Manila Bay
  10. 19. He declared that the Americans were off limits for any European colonization efforts(2 words)
  11. 20. after the French conquest of Indochina, it was the only remaining free state in southeast asia
  12. 21. people who are native to a region
  13. 22. took the title Empress of India
  14. 24. a political unit that depends on another gov. for its protection
  15. 25. Rivalries between _____ and Muslims kept the Indians from working together
  1. 1. Seized power and established a separate Egyptian state
  2. 2. many Indian nationalist were from urban areas such as _____, Madras, and Calcutta
  3. 4. descendants of Europeans who had permanently settled in Latin America
  4. 6. held the office of president 11 different times between 1833 and 1855(2 words)
  5. 7. Called for a share in the governing process (3 words)
  6. 9. Indian soldier
  7. 12. local rulers were allowed to keep their authority and status in a new colonial setting (2 words)
  8. 14. Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913
  9. 17. Italy tried to take over ______ in 1896
  10. 18. people of mixed European and Native American descent
  11. 23. Born in 1869 in Gujarat and later studied in London and became a lawyer