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  1. 1. study of genes and heredity
  2. 2. the use of tariffs and other restrictions that protect a country's home industries against competition
  3. 5. fail to make payments
  4. 6. a form of pollution in which toxic chemicals in the air fall back to earth as rain, snow, or hail
  5. 7. expanded over the years to add the nations of Eastern Europe
  6. 10. World Wide Web
  7. 11. man-made object that orbits a larger body
  8. 13. the application of biological research to industry
  9. 14. currency for most of Western Europe
  10. 15. the (die)rise of Earth's surface temperature over time
  11. 16. elected president in Russia's second free election
  12. 18. rapidly spread
  13. 21. the use of violence, especially against civilians, by extremists to achieve political prisoners
  14. 22. people who are forced to move because of poverty, war, natural disasters, or persecution
  15. 23. groups
  16. 24. a massive tidal wave
  17. 25. when a disease spreads rapidly
  18. 26. an Islamic fundamentalist group in Afghanistan
  1. 1. the manipulation of genetic material to produce specific results
  2. 3. the ability to meet the needs of the present without harming future generations
  3. 4. a large number of people in a region or country face death by starvation
  4. 5. the cutting of trees without replacing them
  5. 8. vast region of nations that border the Pacific Ocean
  6. 9. PCs
  7. 12. the dependence of countries on each other for goods, resources, knowledge, and labor from other parts of the world
  8. 17. country in the middle east
  9. 19. the practice of sending work to the developing world in order to save money or increase efficiency
  10. 20. one powerful Islamic fundamentalist group