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  1. 3. Arellano First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
  2. 6. Means thief or bandit.
  3. 8. Act Provided for severe penalty to those who were stealing carabaos.
  4. 9. Filipino general in Pangasinan and Zambales.
  5. 10. Chapelle American Apostolic Delegate to the Philippines who threatened Filipino priests with force.
  6. 11. Won the friendship of the Muslims through negotiation.
  7. 13. Second military governor in the Philippines during the American Colonization period.
  8. 14. Author of the Schurman Commission
  9. 17. Revised the Hare-Hawes-Cutting Act; Lead by Quezon.
  10. 19. Filipino secular priest who established the Aglipayan church.
  11. 23. Formed the first political party in the Philippines.
  12. 29. Spanish man who helped in the capture of Emilio Aguinaldo
  13. 32. Elected speaker of the First Philippine Assembly
  14. 33. The most brilliant Filipino military officer; Editor of the La Independencia.
  15. 34. Lukban Filipino general in Samar.
  16. 36. Filipino general in Bicol.
  17. 37. American general killed in the Battle of San Mateo.
  18. 39. Treaty wherein Spain surrendered the Philippines to the US for the sum of $20,000,000.
  1. 1. Accomplice in capturing Emilio Aguinaldo
  2. 2. Provided that any Filipino advocating independence or separation from the US would be severely punished.
  3. 4. The President of the Philippines during the American Colonization period.
  4. 5. Aguinaldo’s Second-In-Command at the time; Was paralyzed from the waist down to his lower limbs.
  5. 7. Elected Majority Floor Leader of the First Philippine Assembly
  6. 8. Archbishop of the Philippines during the time of the Filipinization of the church.
  7. 12. Union Obrera Democratica in English
  8. 15. Tomines Filipino general in Isabela.
  9. 16. American soldier who fired the shot that started the Philippine-American War.
  10. 18. Known as the “Boy” General; Hero of Tirad Pass.
  11. 20. A Filipino writer and scholar who founded the first labor union in the Philippines.
  12. 21. Provided for a ten-year period after which Philippine independence would be granted.
  13. 22. Native that helped the Americans breach Tirad Pass
  14. 24. A repressive law which provided for the zoning of the inhabitants of a town known to have thieves or bandits and outlaws.
  15. 25. Program that sent Filipino students to the US for higher education.
  16. 26. Mission whose aim was the early Philippine Independence.
  17. 27. Sultan of Julu at the time.
  18. 28. The province in which Antonio Luna was assassinated.
  19. 30. Malvar Filipino general in Batangas; Last Filipino general to surrender.
  20. 31. First American military governor in the Philippines.
  21. 35. Responsible for the deaths of almost 90% of the carabaos in the Philippines.
  22. 38. First civil governor in the Philippines.