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  1. 2. the first American woman in space in 1983
  2. 6. "_____ v. Board of Education"; the Supreme Court ruling making "separate but equal" unconstitutional
  3. 7. first African American woman to receive an aviator's license
  4. 9. the only photograph to win a Pulitzer the same year of its publication
  5. 10. the 19th amendment gave this group of people the right to vote
  6. 11. invented the sticky page for scrapbooking (first and last name)
  7. 13. the first woman in space in 1963; she was a Russian
  8. 15. founder of the Tuskegee University
  9. 16. the first woman to be executed by hanging; found guilty of conspiring with John Wilkes Booth to assassinate Lincoln
  10. 19. actess Carole ________, born in Fort Wayne Indiana; best known for being the wife of Clark Gable
  11. 20. America's first WWI Ace pilot; served as president of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for over 20 years
  12. 21. known as the "Man of a THousand Voices"; was the voice of numerous cartoon characters
  13. 23. Gregory Lee Johnson of Richmond Indiana was the "Johnson" in the Supreme Court Case "Texas v. Johnson" due to him doing this to the flag
  14. 24. female pilot; holds more distance and speed records than any pilot, living or dead, male or female
  1. 1. Told Gorbachev to "tear down this wall!"
  2. 3. the only town in Indiana in which a Civil War battle was fought
  3. 4. the city in which daily airlifts were made during the Cold War to provide supplies for the inhabitants
  4. 5. John J. _________ of Portland Indiana; the last soldier killed in the Civil War
  5. 8. (two words) This was sold for the first time by Dr. John Pemberton at a pharmacy in Atlanta Georgia
  6. 11. published in 1966 and has never been out of print "To Kill A ____"
  7. 12. first African American to sit on the Supreme COurt
  8. 14. in 1971, the 26th amendment gave 18 years old this right
  9. 17. Milton Bradley AND Parker Bros both initially rejected the opportunity to make this game
  10. 18. the song played nightly at the Tomb of the Unknown solider and at many military funerals; first played in 1862
  11. 20. The husband/wife team who were the first to be executed for espionage during peacetime
  12. 21. "_________v. Arizona", the Supreme Court case that required law enforcement to read each person their rights upon arrest
  13. 22. Jews in Europe were forced to wear this yellow emblem on their clothes