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  1. 2. Hufflepuff intruders are doused in?
  2. 6. Who is the current head of the Hufflepuff house?
  3. 8. Who had the longest hatstall in history.
  4. 10. How many secret passages are there in and out of Hogwarts?
  5. 13. What is the Gryffindor password in the first movie?
  6. 15. In what tower is the Ravenclaw common room?
  7. 16. What organisation did the Gryffindor house ghost fail to join?
  8. 17. Who is the Hufflepuff house ghost?
  9. 18. The first password to Dumbledore's office we see?
  10. 19. Who is the most recent non-Ravenclaw to crack the entry riddle?
  11. 20. What is the Slytherin password.
  1. 1. Who replaces the Fat Lady after Padfoot attacks?
  2. 3. What animal is mentioned in the Hogwarts motto.
  3. 4. What element does the Slytherin house represents?
  4. 5. Where does Myrtle Warren die (Be Specifc).
  5. 7. The inventor of Floo Powder, Ignatia Wildsmith, was in which house?
  6. 9. When looking at the Ravenclaw house logo, what direction is the Eagle facing?
  7. 11. Out of the first 10 House Cups, which ones does Hufflepuff win?
  8. 12. What talent are Slytherins often gifted in?
  9. 14. What Gryffindor had a hatstall in where they where nearly placed in Slytherin?