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Holiday Crossword

  1. 2. Something you wrap around a tree or the outside of a house during the holidays.
  2. 6. A drink made with egg, cream and flavoring that is drank during the holidays.
  3. 7. A piece of paper that is decorated and folded that you receive from family during the holidays or a birthday.
  4. 9. A happy feeling you get during the holidays.
  5. 12. A ginger flavored cake or cookie.
  6. 13. Something wrapped that you give to someone during the holidays.
  7. 14. An area of your house where you start a fire to keep warm.
  8. 15. Something you feel when you have family and friends to spend the holidays with.
  9. 18. Glass or plastic items hung on a tree.
  10. 19. A plant hung in a doorway that people typically kiss under.
  11. 21. ___ cocoa: A chocolate drink that is typically warm.
  1. 1. A large, well prepared meal.
  2. 3. ___ skating: An activity during the Winter that involves ice.
  3. 4. A large sock-like bag, typically hung on a mantle during Christmas.
  4. 5. _____ cane: A red and white striped stick that tastes like mint.
  5. 8. A wood or plastic piece that you go down a snowy hill on.
  6. 9. A candelabrum having multiple branches.
  7. 10. An event where family and friends engage in enjoyable activity to commemorate something.
  8. 11. A season where it is very cold and typically snowing.
  9. 16. Something bright in the sky or on top of a tree.
  10. 17. Close relatives, typically in the same household.
  11. 20. Fluffy white stuff on the ground when it's very cold.