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  1. 4. A time when there are special events and people celebrate.
  2. 6. Problems, concerns.
  3. 8. A present; something we give to someone.
  4. 9. Something made to look like a person to scare birds away.
  5. 11. Bright and glossy; reflecting light.
  6. 12. Time when people gather or pick the things they grow.
  1. 1. A container made of glass or metal for cooking; a container for plants
  2. 2. A strong decision to do or not to do something, usually made on New Year’s Eve.
  3. 3. A very large lizard-like monster which does not really exist.
  4. 5. Very big.
  5. 7. Dried grapes.
  6. 10. The act of arriving.
  7. 13. To cover; to put paper or other material around something.