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  1. 3. All you can see from a single point of view. It involves mountains or beaches; places you can see.
  2. 5. Big place where you can board on a bus and travel.
  3. 7. Instrument you use to localize where you are or where to go. It shows streets, places, etc.
  4. 8. You use it to camp. You can sleep inside it.
  5. 11. It is the place where you are going on holidays.
  6. 13. Person in charge of guiding you during a tour or visit to a place.
  7. 14. A kind of pamphlet which includes touristic information.
  8. 15. Building for travelers and sometimes to permanent residents that offers meeting rooms, food, stores, etc.
  1. 1. Official document that authorizes travelling to other countries.
  2. 2. Place you have to pass to embark into a new flight.
  3. 4. A souvenir, made by people from the place you have visited.
  4. 6. A small house or cottage where you can stay on holidays. Usually located on woods or near to beaches.
  5. 9. Big place where you can board on an airplane and travel.
  6. 10. Equipment you prepare to travel which contains clothes and important things.
  7. 12. Big building, near to a natural place, which provides entertainment and relaxation for people. Most visited on holidays.