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  1. 2. A document you need to travel that proves who you are and where you are from
  2. 3. A holiday where you have to provide all meals for yourself. No cooking is done for you (4-8)
  3. 8. A vacation where travel and hotels etc. have been included in the price (7,7)
  4. 10. A person who can help you to arrange your holiday
  5. 12. A holiday on a ship, visiting various places
  6. 13. Someone stating in a hotel
  7. 14. A holiday visitor
  1. 1. A small hotel that gives you somewhere to sleep and a morning meal only (3,3,9)
  2. 4. A hotel room that includes its own toilet and bathroom (2-5)
  3. 5. A place where you go to get on an aircraft and travel
  4. 6. A document giving you permission to enter a country
  5. 7. A gift to remind you of your trip to somewhere
  6. 8. A book with useful phrases in the language of a country you are visiting
  7. 9. A large building where people can stay and have meals
  8. 11. A seat on a plane or room in a hotel that is being kept ready for you