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Horse Breeds

  1. 3. This breed was founded in 1735 on the stud at Celle, established by George II, elector of Hanover and King of England.
  2. 5. This breed takes it's name from the wild part of Ireland to the west of Loughs Corrib and Mask. It is the sole "indigenous" equine to Ireland.
  3. 7. This breed is a handsome, clean-legged, free moving, heavy horse that originated in the limestone region of Le Perche in Normandy. Together with the Boulonnais, it is the most elegant of the heavy draft horse breeds and, like them, it own much to oriental blood.
  4. 8. The Spanish horses, which we now describe as Andalusians, were from the finest strains of Europe and were regarded as the foremost breed in Europe. They formed the nucleus of the great herds of wild horses that spread upward from Mexico into the United States and the Western Plains Country.
  5. 10. This breed is one of the most distinctive and unusual horses in the world, and also one of the oldest
  6. 13. Of the modern horses, none bears so striking a resemblance to the Asiatic Wild Horse as this breed, which may also have a connection with the Tarpan, as it retains both their coat color and much of their primitive vigor.
  7. 14. This breed characteristically has a spare and short mane and tail with five patterns; Blanket, Marble, Leopard, Snowflake and Frost
  1. 1. This cold-blooded breed, a descendant of the primitive forest horse of Europe, is bred on Sea-girt Friesland in the north of the Netherlands
  2. 2. The settlers used them for farm work, herding cattle, hauling lumber, in light harness and under saddle. The sport loving English settlers also raced them on quarter mile stretches.
  3. 4. It is acknowledged as the foundation of the thoroughbred, which exceeds its progenitor in size and speed but cannot compare in terms of soundness and stamina
  4. 6. All horses of this breed can be traced back to one horse through his most famous sons: Sherman, Woodbury and Bullrush. The breed played a large part in the evolution of the Standardbred, Saddlebred, and the Tennessee Walking Horse
  5. 9. This horse was originally called the Kentucky Saddler and has three or five gaits
  6. 11. This breed is the fastest and most valuable of the world's breed, and around it has grown a huge racing and breeding industry
  7. 12. In Spain, this color is often called Isabella, after the queen who encouraged the breeding of that color