Host Crossword

  1. 2. Host's most northern located city
  2. 3. The organisation who you apply to university through
  3. 5. The country Host accommodate most international students from
  4. 7. The name students are often referred to as in their first year at university
  5. 9. The university in Leicester closest to The Glassworks accommodation
  6. 11. The Host city famous for hot air balloons
  7. 13. The number of years you can live in Host accommodation as a student
  8. 15. The shared spaces where students living at Host can hang out together
  9. 18. Included in your rent at Host and will help keep you connected
  10. 19. A bedroom with a private kitchen and bathroom
  11. 20. The European city where Host have accommodation
  12. 22. The Host city which is known as the home of The Beatles
  13. 24. An organisation or club many students join for a particular purpose or activity
  1. 1. The viewing of accommodation not made in person but online instead
  2. 4. The month A-Level results are received
  3. 6. The place you can ask for help or collect any deliveries from when living with Host
  4. 8. The season when anyone can book to stay in Host student accommodation
  5. 10. A room type shared between two people
  6. 12. The total number of cities/towns where Host have accommodation
  7. 14. The name given to the other students you share your accommodation with
  8. 16. The on-site team at Host accommodations who fix things
  9. 17. The number of Host cities/towns that begin with the letter C
  10. 21. The city where Host have the most properties
  11. 23. Host's most southern located city