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HSE Connection -A Virtual Experience October 25-31,2020- Staying Healthy During COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. 3. SARS-COV2 is a_____.
  2. 5. Unauthorized persons are not allowed to enter the quarantined community within the 14 days.
  3. 7. Separation of people suspected or with COVID-19
  4. 8. What does the I in IPC stands for?
  5. 10. name of cleaning process when a case occurs.
  6. 13. Using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces.
  7. 14. ______ must be provided and available for cleaning, disinfecting and hand sanitizing chemicals.
  8. 17. under the updated protocol____is not required for discharge and/work resumption.
  9. 18. Objects or materials which are likely to carry infection.
  10. 22. Showing no symptoms of a disease.
  11. 25. Remove surface germs with water and detergent.
  1. 1. Separation to reduce COVID 19 infections.
  2. 2. What does the P in IPC stands for?
  3. 4. Unable to link new case to older.
  4. 6. persons living in quarantined communities are permitted to leave the community for the period of 14 days.
  5. 9. MOHW toll free line (888___).
  6. 11. MOHW COVID-19 Risk Rating Going to a Bar.
  7. 12. MOHW COVID-19 Risk Rating Staying Home.
  8. 15. Under the new protocols you do not of to shut down or stop operations to clean when a case occurs in the workplace
  9. 16. There should be no social ______ or discrimination at the workplace.
  10. 19. MOHW EOC email for KSA.
  11. 20. If you are sick or showing symptoms of flu or COVID-19 you should stay___.
  12. 21. What does the C in IPC stands for?
  13. 23. MOHW COVID-19 Risk Rating for takeout meals.
  14. 24. Face-to-face contact within 1m for more than 15 consecutive minutes.