Hughesy's Gang

  1. 5. Name of your school.
  2. 9. ‘Miss, can I please borrow a textbook… and a formula sheet… and a calculator… and some paper… and a pen’. Works well when bribed with chocolate!
  3. 10. A born actor who is likely to ‘swear’ he is telling the truth, ‘plead’ for a 2nd chance or ‘promise’ not to do anything wrong again!
  4. 11. Your Maths teacher’s surname.
  5. 14. Your Maths teacher's first name.
  6. 15. Frequently comes to the rescue of teachers struggling with computer and other technology problems.
  7. 16. Title of your textbook.
  8. 19. A student with a perfect homework record who has been known to sell earrings to her Maths teacher.
  9. 20. A talented singer and the other half of ‘We’re finished Miss, can you please mark our work off’.
  10. 22. Too cool to study, but still blitzes Maths exams. Also learning to talk underwater.
  11. 23. A talented piano player who could utilise her keyboard skills to send texts during Maths lessons.
  12. 24. A phantom Maths student and talented musician who usually attends his music tutorials during Maths lessons.
  13. 27. Your Maths teacher's favourite colour.
  14. 28. Most likely to be playing computer games during Maths lessons or copying answers from the back of the book!
  15. 29. Your Math's teacher's favourite subject.
  1. 1. The branch of Maths that uses pronumerals to represent numbers.
  2. 2. Your level of Mathematics.
  3. 3. The study of triangles and the ratios of their sides and angles.
  4. 4. The suburb surrounding your school.
  5. 6. Seems to be allergic to Maths homework, but does well in exams anyway.
  6. 7. Back row bandit who is guaranteed to say ‘bless you’ every time someone sneezes. Also likes to take her shoes off in class.
  7. 8. Your Principal.
  8. 12. A creative student with a perfect homework record and a talent for visual arts and textiles & design.
  9. 13. A ‘prefect’ student with a ‘perfect’ homework record – one half of ‘We’re finished Miss, can you please mark our work off’.
  10. 17. Always brings a large fully stocked esky and water bottle to school.
  11. 18. The Maths teacher in Rm 310.
  12. 21. He has an amazing ability to talk underwater and often asks Biology questions during Maths lessons.
  13. 25. Too cool for 2-unit Maths and doesn’t eat lollies, but likes to sit in the back row of General Maths. Also has a secret singing talent.
  14. 26. Mathematician who made up a rule for finding irregular areas.