Hughesy's Gang 2018

  1. 6. The Maths co-ordinator
  2. 9. Too cool for Advanced Maths so she changed to General Maths
  3. 12. He is more likely to be at Band or the Learning Commons than doing Maths
  4. 13. Your school’s name
  5. 15. Named after a purple flower that grows in Scotland
  6. 17. She has a talent for speaking and writing Chinese
  7. 18. One of Chloe's 'students' - he did two major HSC projects
  8. 19. After two years, Mrs Hughes still calls him Dylan
  9. 20. A talented Visual Arts student and latecomer to General Maths
  10. 21. Most likely to get annoyed if Mrs Hughes writes in her book
  11. 23. She secretly wants to be a Maths teacher and had lots of practise this year
  12. 25. Named after a beautiful flower with a long stem
  1. 1. He did two major HSC projects – a good excuse not to do Maths H/W
  2. 2. Your school's suburb
  3. 3. He is more likely to be playing soccer than doing Maths
  4. 4. A ‘back row bandit’ - she would never voluntarily sit down the front
  5. 5. Given to students with good H/W records or as Friday afternoon incentives
  6. 7. One of Chloe's 'students' - he would rather play sport than do Maths
  7. 8. Given to students when Mrs Hughes gets their name wrong
  8. 10. He wins the award for the shortest time enrolled in General Maths
  9. 11. She had Mrs Hughes for Maths for at least 4 years of High School
  10. 14. She likes to drive FAST and doesn’t seem to own a calculator
  11. 16. She has a talent for Textiles & Design (as well as Maths)
  12. 22. She shares the same name as Mrs Stivaktas
  13. 24. The dreaded exam at the end of your schooling