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Human body

  1. 5. Organic molecules that the body needs in very small amounts
  2. 7. digestion Is the physical breakdown of large pieces of food into smaller pieces
  3. 8. Anchored in the bones of the jaw
  4. 12. digestion Enzymes breakdown food into the small molecules the body can use
  5. 15. Once food can be broken into small molecules
  6. 17. Measure of heat energy in food
  7. 20. The relatively constant internal physical and chemical conditions that organism maintain despite changes in internal and external environment
  8. 22. Is a large muscular sac that continues the chemical and mechanical digestion of food
  9. 24. The most important nutrient
  10. 25. Supply raw materials for growth and repair of structures
  11. 26. Protect and insulate body organs and are a source of stored energy
  12. 27. Is the basic unit of structure and function in living things
  13. 28. Breaks proteins into smaller polypeptide fragments
  14. 30. Is the first step in digestion
  1. 1. Is the first part of the small intestine
  2. 2. Inhibition Process in which stimulus produces a response that opposes the original stimulus
  3. 3. Component of thyroid hotmones
  4. 4. The fingerlike projections
  5. 6. Are the major source of energy in the body
  6. 9. A group the cells that perform a single function
  7. 10. Some substances are eliminated as feces
  8. 11. Component of certain digestive enzymes
  9. 13. Contractions of smooth muscles
  10. 14. Inorganic nutrients that the body needs, usually in small amounts
  11. 15. Enzyme that acts on starch
  12. 16. system A groups of organs that perform closely related functions
  13. 18. The bolus passes through a tube
  14. 19. Mixture with an oatmeal-like consistency
  15. 21. A group of different types of tissues that work together to perform a single function
  16. 23. intestine Is much shorter than the small intestine
  17. 29. Nerve and muscle function