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Human nature

  1. 1. Emotionally healthy and able to deal well with the problems of life
  2. 5. Too ready to believe what other people tell you, so that you are easily tricked
  3. 7. Always thinking of what other people need or want and being careful not to upset them
  4. 9. A combination of qualities
  5. 11. A young person, usually between the ages of 12 and 18, who is developing into an adult
  6. 12. Trying to make your own abilities or achievements seem unimportant
  7. 13. Worried or nervous about something that you are going to do, or about the future
  8. 15. The quality of being better, more skilful, more powerful etc than other people or things
  9. 17. Behaving in a way that is unusual and different from most people
  10. 18. Unwilling to believe that people have good, honest, or sincere reasons for doing something
  11. 19. Unable to make clear decisions or choices
  12. 21. A quality that is inherent in something is a natural part of it and cannot be separated from it
  1. 1. A person with a range of interests and skills and a variety of experience
  2. 2. Showing you are very proud of what you have done, in a way that annoys other people
  3. 3. Happy, or behaving in a way that shows you are happy
  4. 4. Someone who has been taught to be polite and to behave well
  5. 6. A person who can be trusted or depended on
  6. 8. Reasonable, practical, and showing good judgment
  7. 10. Things that are typical or noticeable about a person or thing
  8. 14. The way you behave, feel and think, especially socially
  9. 16. A person who is the same age as you, or who has the same type of job, social class etc
  10. 20. Moving in an awkward way and tending to make things fall over