hunger games crossword

  1. 2. katniss's best friend and hunting partner
  2. 3. one year in the hunger games a boy was acting like on and eating people
  3. 4. flower named after prim
  4. 10. healers from district 12 are called this
  5. 13. katniss's sister
  6. 16. event in which people get called up to participate in the games
  7. 17. name of the guy who likes katniss
  8. 18. people dig this in the mines and use this to heat their homes
  1. 1. name of the place where katniss and peeta hid from Cato
  2. 3. the place where all contestants start the games
  3. 5. the little girl that katniss teamed up with
  4. 6. people in district 12 work in these
  5. 7. guy who helps peeta and katniss win the games
  6. 8. katniss's dad was in a explosion caused by one of these
  7. 9. 12 name of the district where peeta and katniss live
  8. 11. dead bodies are carried away on this during the hunger games
  9. 12. games event in which a girl and boy is chosen from each district to compete in the games to the death
  10. 14. prim's goats name
  11. 15. village place where victors of the hunger games live