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I Like.....Mrs. Jensen's Class

  1. 5. I like cheese pizza, playing video games, and the color red.
  2. 7. I like bananas, video games, and sleeping.
  3. 8. I like bacon, shooting guns, and playing video games.
  4. 11. I like chicken nuggets, sing and acting, and math.
  5. 13. I like pizza, reading, and the Twilight movie.
  6. 14. I like pepperoni pizza, watching TV, and playing video games.
  7. 15. I like spaghetti, soccer, and giraffes.
  8. 18. I like shrimp, baking, and cats.
  9. 20. I like Chinese food, volleyball, and camping.
  10. 21. I like Pokémon, skateboarding, and Hot Pockets.
  1. 1. I like pizza, playing guitar, and song Eye of the Tiger.
  2. 2. I like tacos, 4-square, and SpongeBob.
  3. 3. I like ice cream, jump-roping, and hanging out with my best friend.
  4. 4. I like tacos, drawing, and cats.
  5. 6. I like bacon, swim team, and pandas.
  6. 9. I like lasagna, comic creations, and playing video games.
  7. 10. I like cheeseburgers, reading, and baseball.
  8. 11. I like pizza, football, and art.
  9. 12. I like chocolate mint ice cream, dancing and singing, and playing with my brother's girlfriend's dog.
  10. 16. I like chicken, Adventure Time (TV Show), and ostriches.
  11. 17. I like pizza, playing video games, and pumas.
  12. 19. I like watermelon, golfing, and neon colors.