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Animal Behavior

  1. 5. tame and easygoing
  2. 8. herd of adult males without harems
  3. 10. condition of the hair standing straight up
  4. 15. behavior that is angry and destructive and intended to be injurious, physically or emotionally, and aimed at domination of one animal by another
  5. 17. the attribution of human motivation, characteristics, or behavior to animals
  6. 18. helpless at birth or hatching or hatching and requiring parental care for a period of time
  7. 19. a foal is trained not to pull on the halter by being tied to an overhe4ad cable
  8. 20. the act of obeying or carrying out commands
  9. 21. single, alone, living without others
  10. 22. training an animal to perform a response to a stimulus that is different and incompatible with the previous response to the same stimulus
  11. 23. a substance released outside of the body and perceived (as by smell) by other individuals of the same species, releasing specific behavior in the percipient
  12. 26. a dog jumps on you while playing and then you tell him no and stop playing
  13. 27. the presence of immature characteristics into adulthood
  14. 29. active and able to move freely from birth or hatching and requiring very little parental care
  15. 30. competitive or combative
  16. 31. an attitude of the body. the natural and comfortable bearing of the body on normal, healthy animals
  1. 1. yielding or surrendering to the will or authority of another
  2. 2. emotional and mental qualities of an individual
  3. 3. a dog is loudly scolded while urinating on the carpet
  4. 4. using a gradually increasing stimulus to reduce the stimulus' impact on the animal
  5. 5. exerting a ruling or controlling influence
  6. 6. the scientific study of animal behavior, particularly in the natural state
  7. 7. punch resection of the vocal cords; debarking, devocalization
  8. 9. the process of familiarization between animals in a group and, in companion animals, between the animals and humans
  9. 11. belonging to a lower class or rank
  10. 12. the display of destructive behavior, vocalization, urination and defecation by some dogs when left alone or separated from their owners
  11. 13. a herd of cows runs to the pickup truck that is often used to bring them hay
  12. 14. a group of females and young defended by a single male
  13. 16. a kind of learning in the very young based mainly on maternal attachment and acquisition of basic behavior patterns (D)
  14. 24. tending to move in or from a group, as a herd, pack or flock, with others of the same kind
  15. 25. something that excites or activates
  16. 28. order of superiority