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Imperial Beach

  1. 4. This jail is located on the 70P beat.
  2. 6. This river mouth is located along the international border and is handled by both IB units and SDPD.
  3. 7. All detention facilities on this radio are located on _________ Road.
  4. 9. This bar's name has remnants of pirate times.
  5. 10. ____________________ High School is located on Elm Avenue.
  6. 12. Juvies can play at this recreational area off Encina
  7. 13. – This park is named after retired military service members.
  1. 1. ______________ is the city north of Imperial Beach
  2. 2. _____________ is commonly referred to as the Bonita storefront.
  3. 3. _______________ Golf Course is the only golf course on this radio and located on Sweetwater Road.
  4. 5. This federal prison is located in Otay.
  5. 8. Per the CAD map this IB street is partially covered by Coronado PD
  6. 11. This city platform allows you to walk out over the ocean.
  7. 13. This military assistance program is located off Palm Avenue.