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INA Challenge

  1. 2. Non-naturist
  2. 3. A sense of liberation
  3. 4. Last trend at INA, only requires phone and earphones
  4. 7. Secret Paradise Beach
  5. 10. Name of the hotel in Tipperary where there have been nudist pool sessions for around thirty years.
  6. 13. Paradise Beach
  7. 14. Name of the chain of leisure centres that facilitate nudist pool bookings in different towns
  8. 15. Irish Naturist Association
  9. 18. Clothing optional
  10. 20. British Naturism
  11. 21. Traditional gentlemen's nude bathing place in the south of Dublin until a wave of feminist protests in the 70's
  12. 22. Non-sexual social nudity (we have used this short definition in Ireland in the past years for our publicity)
  13. 24. Village harbouring two traditional nudist locations in the Irish East Coast
  14. 26. Work Naked ...., the day to try naturism
  15. 27. Naked activity on White Rock Beach
  1. 1. Dublin swimming pool where nudist bookings took place twice a month
  2. 2. The amount of euros paid for student, unemployed or overseas membership
  3. 5. International Naturist Federation
  4. 6. Traditional nudist section of Donabate Beach
  5. 8. The state of mind you reach about your body as you practise naturism
  6. 9. Traditional nudist beach where the movie "Ryan's Daughter" was filmed.
  7. 11. Traditional nudist beach where the movie "Saving Private Ryan" was filmed.
  8. 12. Most popular nudist beach in the west of Ireland
  9. 14. Irish artist that designs nudist installations
  10. 16. The Monday when free membership for under 30s is offered
  11. 17. Gallagher President of INA for the last decades
  12. 19. One of our naked fitness activities
  13. 22. Naked
  14. 23. Most famous nudist beach in the East Coast in Ireland
  15. 25. The most official nudist spot in Ireland