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Indoor cycling crossword

  1. 2. A rotating mechanical device that stores rotational energy in spinning
  2. 6. These trainers require better technique than stationary bicycles
  3. 8. Increase this resistance setting to improve your explosive 'hill' power
  4. 12. When measuring exercise intensity, what is TSS?
  5. 13. What leg muscle are the antagonist to the quadriceps in the pedal stroke?
  6. 14. This specific race format is prepared for by long interval training
  7. 16. This pain killer alters kidney function & can cause damage in endurance sport - such as 12 hour cycles
  8. 17. A benefit of improved cadence
  9. 18. A condition that can occur in pro cyclists because of no weight bearing exercises
  10. 20. A high pace steady state cycling workout
  11. 21. What HR zone is commonly associated with 55-65% of your maximum?
  12. 22. Type of ride which is measured as 65% of MHR and features as a rest period in interval training
  13. 23. Weight bearing exercise to improve power output from the hips
  1. 1. An isotonic sports drink contains these
  2. 3. A group of fibers which when injured can have symptoms that form a stinging sensation above or outside the knee joint. Associated with repetitive exercises such as cycling & running
  3. 4. This form of training should be incorporated in cyclist's schedules to improve bridging gaps, initiating breakaways, attacking on short climbs and accelerating out of turns during criteriums
  4. 5. Muscle group that provides a solid base of support for efficient power transformation to the pedals
  5. 7. In endurance sports such as cycling,this condition is caused by the depletion of glycogen stores in the liver
  6. 9. VO2 max is a measurment of fitness for a physical exercise depending primarily on what energy-generating process
  7. 10. Adjusted power indictor that quantifies the power of a ride in watts and which reflects the true physiological demands better than average power
  8. 11. A key tool to spot overtraining, analyze effort/performance, bring objectivity to a fitness program through zone training
  9. 15. What metabolite is associated with the 'burn' whilst testing for functional threshhold power
  10. 19. Training videos which are often cited as big motivators for indoor cycling