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Industry E. Nesbitt

  1. 2. Gross National Income
  2. 4. Services/ Purpose is to provide security and protection for Citizens and Protection
  3. 6. Services/ Professional services, Financial services, and Transportation Services
  4. 10. Health/ Maternal Mortality Ratio and Fertility Rate
  5. 13. The “Money” sight factor
  6. 14. Force/ Percentage of females with full time jobs outside of home
  7. 16. Revolution/ Improvements made in technology to advance a country
  8. 18. and Healthy Life/ Main Health indicator contribution to the HDI
  9. 20. Sector Jobs/ Jobs that give services.
  1. 1. Based on 3 factors: Standard of Living, Long and Healthy Life, and Access to Knowledge.
  2. 2. Inequality/ Empowerment, Labor Force, and Reproductive Health
  3. 3. Is a process of integration and interaction among the people
  4. 5. The “Where” sight factor
  5. 7. Purchasing Power Parity
  6. 8. Sector Jobs/ Jobs that take raw materials and turn them into goods.
  7. 9. Gross Domestic Product
  8. 11. Ability of Women to achieve improved status
  9. 12. Services/ Provides services to individual consumers who desire them
  10. 15. The “People” sight factor
  11. 17. Sector Jobs/ Jobs that take things from the Earth to make profits.
  12. 19. Standard Of Living/ Value of the output of goods and services produced in a country