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  1. 4. produces antibodies in the hope of providing immunity
  2. 6. illness that can pass between animals and humans
  3. 8. This figure explains what percentage of cases are fatal
  4. 9. looks like a sphere surrounded by a spiky crown
  5. 13. one of the drugs currently being tested to treat Covid-19
  6. 16. disease that’s spreading over a wide area
  7. 21. the initials of a diagnostic test that looks for the virus’s genetic signature
  8. 22. seals around the mouth and filters out particles from the air before they are breathed in
  9. 23. a diagnostic test that looks for antibodies to tell if someone has ever been infected and could suggest they are possibly immune to a disease
  10. 26. restriction of movement in and out of a region or city
  11. 28. condition where the small air sacs of the lungs called alveoli become inflamed and fill up with fluid
  12. 29. bits of virus-laden fluid a person spews out when they cough or sneeze
  13. 30. slew of tactics meant to keep people from congregating
  14. 31. The disease caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2
  15. 32. How a virus spreads from one person to another
  1. 1. machine that moves air in and out of the lungs
  2. 2. worldwide spread of a new disease
  3. 3. term used to say how long viral particles can linger in the air
  4. 5. cases that have been confirmed by diagnostic testing
  5. 7. occurs when enough people become immune to a disease-either through exposure or via a vaccine—that the spread of the disease begins to slow
  6. 10. statistic that describes how contagious a disease is
  7. 11. Drugs that lessen the severity of disease symptoms
  8. 12. Separating people with confirmed or probable infections
  9. 14. disease that regularly infects humans, like the flu
  10. 15. An order requesting people stay at home
  11. 17. isolating people who might have been exposed to an infection
  12. 18. typically when the body temperature exceeds 100.4°F
  13. 19. meaning the virus can be transmitted through feces
  14. 20. examples are masks, gloves, face shields
  15. 24. stop a wearer from spreading droplets of contagion when they sneeze or cough
  16. 25. The formal name of the virus that’s causing this pandemic
  17. 27. could be used to refer to as mandatory geographic quarantine