Infinite Realities: The Ultimate Fandom Crossword

  1. 2. Marvel universe’s Living Vampire.
  2. 6. DC character known as the World’s Worst Superhero Team.
  3. 9. Entity embodying the DC universe, often in conflict with the Anti-Life Equation.
  4. 10. Member of the Marvel universe’s Inhuman Royal Family, who can't speak without causing destruction.
  5. 11. Character who kills the Flash’s mother in the DC universe.
  6. 13. Planet in the DC universe that is home to the Sinestro Corps.
  7. 15. Plant-like species that Groot belongs to in the Marvel universe.
  8. 16. DC character who got his powers from the 'Meteorite of Zaam-Dalla.
  9. 17. Creators of the Phantom Zone in the DC Universe.
  1. 1. Marvel superheroine whose life force is tied to a 'Demon Bear.
  2. 3. Marvel villain with the real name Max Eisenhardt.
  3. 4. Sword of Wonder Woman in the DC universe, capable of cutting the electrons off an atom.
  4. 5. Race of immortal beings in the DC Universe who inhabit the God Sphere.
  5. 7. Hidden land in the Marvel universe that is home to the Eternals.
  6. 8. Famed Marvel illustrator, first name Jack
  7. 12. Shape-shifting race involved in the Kree-Skrull War in the Marvel universe.
  8. 13. Name of the DC universe’s Earth-3, where heroes are villains.
  9. 14. In the Marvel universe, Professor X's twin sister who turned to evil.