Inspecting a Bee Hive Well

  1. 2. the main ingredient in the composition of the capping over brood
  2. 3. Do you have to see the queen to know she is alive?
  3. 8. the wooden wax holder that you lift individually out of the hive in an inspection.
  4. 9. If you see tiny black beetles in the hive, put one of these between the frames
  5. 12. every beekeeper should have this by his/her side in an inspection. It makes the bees calmer
  6. 14. hard to find a pair that fit but wearing them is a protection
  7. 16. looks like a five guys peanut before you shell it
  8. 17. A person from whom to learn about hives and inspections
  9. 18. what you should do to a bee with two fingers if you feel a bee walking up inside your pants leg too high to shake it out
  10. 19. if you can you do this with pants and your socks, you may have some sting prevention
  11. 21. the minimum protective gear one must wear
  12. 22. the color of wax cappings over honey
  13. 23. If you turn this upside down and set hive boxes on it, you up your chances of not losing your queen, should she fall off of a frame
  1. 1. one half of a bee suit
  2. 3. the most painful place ever to get a sting
  3. 4. this royal stuff is at the bottom of the cells with eggs in them
  4. 5. the kind of bee brood developing under capping that is flat and beige to dark brown in color
  5. 6. the kind of brood capping shaped like a bullet
  6. 7. the state of nectar in the hive before it is capped
  7. 9. when you have this on, you look like a space person
  8. 10. what is packed on the back legs of some bees flying into a queenright hive
  9. 11. This instrument is used to break propolis seals between the frames or between the hive boxes
  10. 12. how one must move to avoid disturbing the bees
  11. 13. What you put in traps to kill the insects that slime the honey
  12. 15. When at least this many frames are filled in an eight frame hive, it is time to add a new box
  13. 20. many people include this in their morning meal but it makes the bees mad to smell it on your breath