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Intermediate Vocabulary for shopping and money

  1. 4. The place in a supermarket where you pay for goods.
  2. 6. Another word for advertisment.
  3. 9. The amount of money you have to pay. They ___ me 30 euros.
  4. 10. Someone whose job is to receive and pay out money in shop.
  5. 14. The type of money that a country uses
  6. 15. Something you buy cheaply or for less than its usual price.
  7. 16. To wait in a line of people.
  8. 17. A printed piece of paper that you sign and use to pay for things.
  9. 18. A word that means owing money.
  10. 19. A small piece of paper that gives information or the price about something.
  1. 1. A piece of printed paper that gives information or advertises something
  2. 2. The amount of money that you have saved, especially in a bank.
  3. 3. Another word for buy.
  4. 5. A thin book that gives information or advertises something.
  5. 7. A passage between rows of shelves in a shop
  6. 8. Something sold at a price that is lower than usual.
  7. 9. Someone who buys or uses goods and services
  8. 10. Coins, not paper money.
  9. 11. A piece of paper that shows that you have paid for something.
  10. 12. A product that a particular company makes.
  11. 13. You have to pay back somebody for money they lent ยท I___ Tom 10 euros.