International Christmas Puzzle

  1. 3. What is a common gathering place for Australians during Christmas?
  2. 4. What country decorates their Christmas tree with spiders and cobwebs?
  3. 5. Where do Finnish people believe Santa Clause lives?
  4. 8. French Christmas chocolates.
  5. 10. What country brings roosters to Christmas Mass?
  6. 11. In what country do children leave mince pies for Santa?
  7. 12. What does a Japanese Christmas cake resemble?
  8. 14. What country hangs a traditional Christmas lantern called a parol during Christmas?
  9. 15. What is a popular Christmas present in South Korea?
  10. 17. What do Costa Ricans decorate their houses with for Christmas?
  11. 18. Who do Italian children wait for on Christmas?
  12. 19. What is a popular Christmas dish in Egypt
  1. 1. Where do Icelandic children put their shoes to receive gifts?
  2. 2. What does Emma Burgess's family hang over the fireplace?
  3. 6. How do Venezuelans get to mass on Christmas?
  4. 7. What are Germans rumored to hide in their Christmas tree?
  5. 9. What flowers are called Christmas Eve flowers in Mexico
  6. 13. Carlos Barhona's favorite Christmas activity.
  7. 16. What was the first state to officially recognize Christmas?