Introduced Species Crossword

  1. 3. People accidentally brought this little pest from Europe to St. Martin by ship.
  2. 4. The long, furry mammal that wiped out some of St. Martin’s special native reptiles.
  3. 6. This long-tailed invasive mammal is really smart and eats a wide variety of the island's native plants and animals.
  4. 7. The “middle name” of St. Martin’s teeny non-native snake.
  5. 8. The big green lizards on the island today are not actually originally from St. Martin!
  1. 1. This giant introduced spider hunts cockroaches and other pests.
  2. 2. A creepy critter from Asia with lots of legs–and a very painful bite!
  3. 5. A slow-paced little invader that eats native plants with its 80,000 tiny teeth.