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Introduction to Excel

  1. 2. Bottom right corner of an active cell will allow this feature to copy to adjacent cells
  2. 6. Double click between the needed columns in order to automatically adjust the width of the left column
  3. 7. Group of selected cells and is identified by a the following symbol : (example – A3:D6)
  4. 8. Insert "up", when selected
  5. 9. Begins with the column letter and THEN the row number
  6. 13. Spreadsheet application
  7. 17. Located directly to the left of the formula bar, and contains the selected cell's address
  8. 19. Quickly adds all data with the click of the this command
  1. 1. Default file name of a spreadsheet - until it’s renamed
  2. 2. Has dark border to indicate the cell is selected
  3. 3. Math symbol used for division
  4. 4. By default Excel has this many worksheets
  5. 5. Insert to left, when selected
  6. 6. Math symbol used for multiplication
  7. 7. Horizontal (left to right)
  8. 9. Select the entire column, right click, and change these numbers in order to change what part of the column?
  9. 10. Changes the appearance of text
  10. 11. You must manually type this into a cell to tell the computer to do a math equation
  11. 12. Inserts a math function into whichever cell is selected (active cell)
  12. 14. Intersection of a column and a row
  13. 15. Math symbol used for addition
  14. 16. Vertical (up and down)
  15. 18. Math symbol used for subtraction