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Introduction to Mass Communication

  1. 3. Channels like CNN or Fox News report on this.
  2. 6. The form of Mass Communication you would have in your car.
  3. 8. What you use to record sound for films and movies.
  4. 11. The way that people pass information around.
  5. 15. games What you can play on playstation, xbox, and switch.
  6. 17. A social media platform that you can post pictures with different filters
  7. 18. The way (the medium) that things are communicated.
  8. 19. Created by Mark Zuckerberg, it was a form of social media that was originally for college students only.
  9. 20. The original social media network.
  10. 21. The word for cutting apart movies and making a longer film.
  1. 1. What companies use to communicate with us what they want us to buy.
  2. 2. The place in your house you can watch Movies, DVDs or play a game console.
  3. 4. A social media platform that you share pictures for 10 seconds and then they disappear.
  4. 5. Novels or comic, for example.
  5. 7. A form of social Media that shares information using 140 characters.
  6. 9. What a person in the Mass Communication industry would use to edit movies.
  7. 10. The category of Mass Communication that Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook fall under.
  8. 12. New York Times or Washington Post, for example.
  9. 13. Also known as movies, this is a form of Mass Communication that Marvel primarily uses, for example.
  10. 14. Also known as Film, these tell stories using motion pictures.
  11. 16. The object you use to take pictures or film movies.
  12. 20. The word that we discussed in class that means large group of people.