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ISKL Novel Knockout Warrior Cats 2021

  1. 1. Jackdaw’s Cry has this coloring
  2. 5. Jagged Peak’s first catch while hunting
  3. 8. One of Turtle Tail's strongest attributes
  4. 10. Another name for Half Moon
  5. 11. The cats use this to count votes for decisions
  1. 2. After joining the travelling group, Gray Wing describes Moon Shadow this way
  2. 3. Another name for small loose rocks covering a slope
  3. 4. This serves as a gate into the entrance of the Warrior clan’s first home
  4. 5. The leader of the expedition to the cats’ new home
  5. 6. Dappled Pelt shows the rest of the travelling cats that she can catch this
  6. 7. The warrior cats typically sleep in this
  7. 9. The name of Gray Wing’s mom