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It's All Covid

  1. 1. by participating in a remeberance and reflection showed that we car committed to
  2. 3. personal protective equipment
  3. 5. where we can find our education and information for covid
  4. 8. covid symptom
  5. 10. the process of slowly getting back to normal
  6. 11. the tracker used to track covid symptoms
  7. 12. used to mask personal phone numbers
  8. 14. promts team members to complete the travel and exposure screening
  9. 16. person under investigation
  10. 17. time perios with no social interactions
  11. 18. designed to build customer confidence, encourage patient to seek needed care and to support our team members
  12. 20. not working in a tradational office
  13. 21. everyone goes through before entering facilities
  14. 22. collaborates to create the expertise information and tools needed for the prevention and spread of disease
  1. 2. visits based on services not in office
  2. 4. Displays the Covid status of all patients
  3. 6. resources where you can manage and access your health when and where you need it
  4. 7. when an appointmetnor procedure is cancelled due to covid, the visit type used
  5. 8. To see a decrease in infections over time
  6. 9. prevalent over a whole country or the world
  7. 13. visit where they can see each other
  8. 15. checking in with a digital devices provides for seamless low contact arrivals
  9. 19. where we report our worked covid time