It's Finals!

  1. 1. The competitor or team that has reached the final or finals of a competition.
  2. 5. The last episode of a television season or series.
  3. 6. The final era of the Eras Tour.
  4. 7. Marks the end of a performance. Final ______
  5. 13. The final pharaoh of Egypt.
  6. 15. The final phase of the moon.
  7. 17. Refers to the final part of a play or other dramatic work.
  8. 18. American horror franchise that includes five films, two comic books, and nine novels: Final _____
  9. 19. Exclamation one shouts when a task is finished at last.
  1. 2. Bob Marley’s famous final words: Money can't buy _______
  2. 3. Where the final battle of the Revolutionary War took place.
  3. 4. The finals game, goal, or point, that settles a contest or series of contests.
  4. 7. The final game in the squid game.
  5. 8. This Swedish Rock band is most famous for their song “The Final Countdown”.
  6. 9. The last version of a document: Final _____
  7. 10. The team that won the 2022 World Cup Final.
  8. 11. The final state to join the US.
  9. 12. The final movie Walt Disney ever worked on before his death on December 15, 1966.
  10. 14. The final/hardest level of a video game.
  11. 16. Refers to the final game or series that determines the overall winner of a sports league or competition.
  12. 19. The last teams standing in the playoffs of March Madness: Final _____